Airport Terminals & Air Traffic Control Applications

  • Airport Passenger Terminals
  • Ground Traffic Control
  • Passenger Time Display
  • Air Traffic Control / Management
  • ATC Console Time Display

Airports and ATC Product Solutions:

M211 Dual Redundant Timing System m211 time & frequency system
M355 LED Interior Digital Time Display m355 led time display
M385 Analogue Clock m385 analogue clock
M350 Console Time Diplay m350 console time display
Network Clock Management System network management system

Airport timing systems. Accurate time has many essential applications in the transport industry including synchronisation of airport check-in systems and passenger information displays, and of course, the mission critical synchronisation of Air Traffic Control systems.

Airport Terminals require precise time, both for passenger information, but more importantly for integration into their increasingly complex IT systems.  Airport timing systems create time ‘event-tagging’ which provides chronological audit trails for such key areas as safety and security.

Typical airport systems include central computers, security systems, passenger & flight information, baggage, CCTV and telephone systems.  Our airport timing solutions are capable of providing the link between these systems to ensure they all have precisely the same time.

In Air Traffic Control, many vendors provide sub-systems using serial, timecode or even parallel inputs for time data.  Our modular approach allows these interfaces to be incorporated either at the system design phase or at a later date.

At Time & Frequency Solutions we have made it our business to understand the individual requirements of the Airport Passenger Terminal and Air Traffic Control industry and this enables us to provide accurate advice regarding your particular airport timing application.  We look forward to working with you.