Military, Defense & Aerospace Applications

  • Secure Communications
  • Submarines & Surface Fleet
  • Range Timing
  • Radar Event Tagging
  • Command & Control
  • Security
  • Satellite Ground Stations
  • Space Centre Launch Systems

Military, Defense & Aerospace Product Solutions:

TFD8000 High Precision Modular Time & Frequency System tfd8000 military grade time & frequency system
M211 Dual Redundant System m211 time & frequency system
GNSS-HQ Time & Frequency Standard with HaveQuick & NTP gnss time & frequency standard with Havequick & NTP
GPS8-HQ Time & Frequency Standard with HaveQuick GPS8 time & frequency standard with havequick
PTS-SAASM Precise Time System pts-saasm
M170 Countdown/Up Clock Generator countdown clock generator
M355 Countdown/Up Display countdown display
Network Management System

Military communications have to be highly secure and extremely reliable. Very specialised time codes are necessary to ensure data stability and to provide adequate protection from attempts to intercept data.

Secure communications systems also require an accurate and stable frequency reference to ensure that either spread-spectrum or frequency-hopping radio systems e.g. HaveQuick remain locked when used in anti-jam mode. Precise time and frequency standards are required to meet these exacting communication requirement

At TFS, we have unrivalled expertise in delivering ruggedised, high precision systems to naval applications, in particular the Royal Naval Submarine Fleet and US Navy. High-end precision time & frequency systems are essential to interface accurately with all on-board systems to ensure smooth delivery of mission critical tasks.

The ground segments of space systems use precise time to trigger mission-critical events, including launch, booster rocket firing and re-entry. Time is also used to tag telemetry data for subsequent analysis.

Similarly, Military and Aerospace test ranges use time for telemetry data tagging. The profusion of differing types of telemetry equipment and the wide use of legacy systems in this industry means that most ranges use time in a multiplicity of formats, or timecodes.

The security services also use accurate time, in the form of timecodes, to tag intercepted voice and data traffic. Known colloquially as XR3 and 2137 these timecodes are similar in form to the IRIG and NASA codes but differ in speed and code.

Our TFD8000 Distribution System is perfect for Military & Aerospace applications as it has a ruggedised chassis and provides a wide variety of high precision analogue and digital time and frequency signals.