PTP8  Slave
Network Time Client

The PTP8 Slave Network Time Client from Time & Frequency Solutions provides network operators and equipment manufacturers with a packet – based timing and synchronisation solution using the Precise Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE1588 v2 standard.

  • Standalone IEEE1588v2 PTP Client
  • Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronisation signal interruption.
  • Integrated Web Server.
  • LED System Status
  • Multiple Outputs and customer specified options also available.
  • Time of day (TOD) is also provided for support of legacy equipment using IRIG B, RS232, RS422 and RS485.
  • OEM Board design also available providing Equipment Manufacturers with a fast track PTP implementation

The PTP8 Slave Network Time Client converts the IEEE1588v2 protocol supplied across a packet network to traditional E1/T1, 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG B, Serial TOD and customer requested timing signals.

The PTP8 Slave Network Time Client provides a rapid upgrade of existing network infrastructure to packet based timing and synchronisation enabling operators to lower upgrade costs when migrating from a TDM to Ethernet backhaul.

The Enhanced PTP8 has all the features of the standard PTP8 but also includes enhancements specifically for Telecoms applications.

Typical PTP8 Applications Include:

  • Telecommunications
    • LTE
    • Ethernet / IP Backhaul (Synchronisation of Base Stations)
  • WiMAX
  • Broadcasting (Synchronisation of DVB / DAB Transmitters)
  • Power Utilities (Applications requiring Time of Day)
  • Applications requiring Precise Timing delivered over a Packet Network

PTP8 Slave Network Time Client Benefits:

  • Seamless Upgrade to PTP IEEE1588v2
  • Complete End to End PTP Solution with PTP80 Grandmaster Clock
  • Accelerates PTP Client Deployments
  • Time Outputs (1PPS, TOD)
  • Unicast / Multicast Operation
  • Correlation of 10MHz and 1PP

The PTP8 Slave Network Time Client is available as a 19″ rack-mountable unit, a
stand-alone unit (pictured),  PCI card, OEM board or custom
design.  More information on the PCI card and OEM board solutions is available in the separate datasheet
‘PTP8 Board Solutions