TFD8000 Military Grade Time & Frequency Distribution System

The TFD8000 Military Grade Time & Frequency Distribution System from Time & Frequency Solutions is a powerful and versatile distribution system designed for applications where a wide variety of high precision analogue and digital time and frequency signals are required. It is suitable for a wide range of high-end industrial and military applications.

  • Available in a range of chassis configurations (19 inch rack-mountable)
  • Proprietary Backplane system allows the generation of any frequency, pulse rate or timecode from just three core signals.
  • Dual or triple redundancy simply achieved within the instrument
  • Internal or external time signal source
  • Option to lock oscillator to source or allow free run source
  • Fulfils complex system requirements
  • Wide range of option modules

Chassis Configuration Options

  • Single Depth – 20 module slots
  • Dual Depth – 34 module slots
  • Dual Pack – Additional chassis available for housing redundant Tracking
  • Oscillator/Clock modules.

The TFD8000 uses separate earth planes for digital and analogue signals, high-speed digital pulse rates and timecodes are available together with low phase noise frequencies in a single instrument.The proprietary backplane system of the TFD8000 allows the generation of any frequency, pulse rate or timecode from just three core signals. This ensures that advanced features such as dual or triple redundancy can be simply achieved within the instrument thus improving the overall availability of the system.

The TFD8000 Military Grade Time & Frequency Distribution System can be configured to process and distribute time and frequency signals referenced to an external source such as an external GPS Receiver or Cesium clock.

Alternatively, the TFD8000 can generate the signals internally by means of an integral GPS or LF Receiver. Additionally, a wide variety of oscillators is available for inclusion in the Tracking Oscillator/Clock module, which can be configured either to free run or to lock to the reference source. By selection of the appropriate oscillator, the required holdover performance can be met in a cost effective manner.

For the most complex applications including full redundancy, a complete TFD8000 System may comprise of a number of chassis in combination, thereby fulfilling complicated system requirements that are far beyond the capacity of most competitive products. Most distribution modules are 4E wide and provide 5 outputs of a particular signal type.

A wide range of option modules is available for use with the TFD8000 System. Full details are available on each of the various options.