Remote Monitoring

Network Management System (NMS)

The NMS Network Management System is a sophisticated windows-based application which allows the user to monitor and control TFS products from a remote or central location via an Ethernet network.

  • Centralised or remote monitoring and control of TFS Timing System and component parts
  • User-friendly graphical interface allows monitoring in overview or detail mode
  • Visual representation of instrument front panel (in event of no available panel display an equivalent virtual display is shown)
  • Fault log reporting on errors occurring in the Timing System
  • Monitoring Status e.g. Alarms, Software and Hardware Faults Errors, Serial number details
  • Flexible options such as different platforms, customisation or delivered on a pre-configured PC.
  • SMS text alerts when alarms are triggered


The Network Management System is available for either Windows 32bit environments or Linux/Unix platforms.

Customer Specific
Time & Frequency Solutions offer the option for the Network Management System, to be customised to the customer’s specifications. For example, maps can be displayed in the graphical interface of the location of each timing systems.

Pre-configured PC
Time & Frequency Solutions also offer the option of the Network Management System supplied on a pre-configured Personal Computer for specific applications.

Alternative Products

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