Timetrace II

GPS Common View Measurement System

Timetrace II is an exceptionally accurate time and frequency comparison system.  It brings the accuracy and traceability of your National Time standard into your laboratory when used in conjunction with a similar device in a National Standards Laboratory.  Timetrace II enables calibration of clocks and frequency sources without resort to the use of travelling clocks.

  • Very high accuracy Time & Frequency Transfer
  • Implements BIPM directives and generates CGGTTS format files
  • Utilises Global Positioning System (GPS) data in common-view mode
  • Provides global traceability when linked to your National Standards Laboratory
  • Built-in computer with touchscreen for configuration, monitoring and datalog

Timetrace II uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) common-view technique to achieve highly accurate time and frequency comparisons.  By carrying out simultaneous observations of GPS signals, measurements of the clock times of the same satellites are made against the local clocks at the user’s site and the reference site.

Through the technique of inter-comparison of the same event time at the two sites, any deviation of the satellite timing is removed.   The GPS common-view technique has been used for time and frequency transfer between National Metrology Institutes for many years.  The Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) has published a series of Technical Directives that standardise the measurement method and data formats.

Timetrace II uses a multi-channel GPS receiver capable of simultaneously tracking up to 12 satellites to offer high performance and reliability at an accessible cost. The unit processes data and produces files in accordance with BIPM directives.

The user is strongly advised to work with a National Metrology Institute and make direct comparisons with a national time standard which has a published performance.   Users can also make comparisons between clocks located at their own sites. Additionally, Timetrace II can make stand-alone GPS time measurements against GPS Time with an uncertainty of 30ns (1σ).

Our original Timetrace was the result of collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK. TimeTrace II incorporates a new 12 channel receiver and embedded datalogger with updated software from Time & Frequency Solutions.. The NPL recommends Timetrace in conjunction with their GSPS Common View Time & Frequency Service. [See Specification for accuracy]

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