GPS8-HQ Time & Frequency Standard with HaveQuick

The GPS8-HQ Time & Frequency Standard with HaveQuick from Time & Frequency Solutions is a sophisticated instrument for use in military communications applications. It combines all the features of the GPS8 Plus Time & Frequency Standard with the addition of a suite of selected timing interface options.

  • GPS reference using high-performance 12-channel C/A code GPS receiver.
  • Automatic position-averaging enables best use of GPS when operating in fixed locations.
  • Front panel keyboard and alphanumeric display indicates time, date and status information, as well as allowing control and configuration
  • Choice of internal oscillator providing a range of prices and performance options
  • Advanced, patented algorithm provides optimal control of the internal oscillator ensuring the highest frequency accuracy is obtained.


The GPS8-HQ Time & Frequency Standard with HaveQuick is fitted with an internal oscillator in order that time information can be accurately maintained when satellite tracking is not available. The internal oscillator also provides a highly stable frequency standard.

  • Options include:
  • TCXO
  • OCXO
  • Precision OCXO
  • Rubidium.


Four isolated sine wave and two square wave outputs, grouped in pairs, may be configured to provide 1MHz, 5MHz or 10MHz frequency outputs from the disciplined oscillator.

Alternatively, these outputs can be configured to provide Telecomm Output references (1.544MHz or 2.048MHz) allowing the GPS8-HQ to be used a telecommunications primary reference clock compliant with G.703 sections 6 and 10. An 8kHz “frame” pulse is provided to complement the Telecomm outputs.

Standard serial time code outputs allow time synchronisation to be distributed to computers, displays, and other equipment requiring precision time.