Rail & Metro Transportation Applications

  • Railway Network Timing
  • Railway Signalling Systems
  • Track to Train Radio Systems
  • Station Clock Systems
  • Mass Transit and Rapid Transit
  • LRT (Light Rail Transport)
  • Metro / Underground Rail Applications

Rail & Metro Product Solutions:

M210 Modular Timing System m210 time & frequency system
M211 High Capacity Modular Timing System m211 time & frequency system
M355 LED Interior Digital Time Display m355 led time display
M373 LED Exterior Digital Time Display m373 exterior led time display
M385 Analogue Clock m385 analogue clock

Our master clocks and time and frequency standards are highly accurate time sources, which synchronise information networks and distribute precision timing to all network devices.

Accurate and reliable timing plays a vital role in providing event time stamping to provide an historical chronological audit trail, which may be vital for safety information records. Track to train communications can also benefit from precise time – message transmission and reception must be precisely synchronised.

Our master clocks also distribute precise time to station clock systems, ensuring interior rail terminal passenger information displays and exterior platform clocks are providing accurate, synchronised time. Station Management Systems also require an accurate and reliable time source, e.g. CCTV, computer networks, pre-set announcements and even auto-control of heating and air conditioning systems.

Network Rail Compliant Turnkey System

Time & Frequency Solutions holds a Certificate of Acceptance on the following related products. Together they form a complete Network Rail certified turnkey solution suitable for most Rail Transportation applications.: