Scientific, Media & Broadcast Applications 


  • Public Safety Command & Control Systems
  • Event Tagging of Data
  • Transmitter Frequency References
  • Studio Timing
  • Calibration Laboratories

Product Solutions for Scientific Applications:

Timetrace Common View System timetrace common view measurement system
Timetrace II Common View System timetrace II commonview measurement system
Timespy & Timespy Elite Portable Time Measurement timespy elite

Product Solutions for Media & Broadcast Applications:

M210 Modular Timing System m210 time & frequency system
EBU/SMPTE Timecode Module ebu timecode module
Video Insertion Module video insertion module
Audio Interface Module audio interface module

The scientific community often use time to assist in the location of geophysical phenomena, such as earthquakes. Calibration houses also use very precise time and stable frequency reference for the calibration of oscillators and timepieces.

Another market for precise time and stable frequencies is the commercial media & broadcast industry. Radio and TV stations both need accurate time within the studio and transmission environments and when programmes are networked synchronisation between elements of the network is essential. Transmitters also require a stable frequency reference.